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مسلسل The Love Boat 1977 مترجم اونلاين: 3x1

Alaska Wedding Cruise: Carol & Doug/Peter & Alicia/Julie/Buddy & Portia (1)

The Pacific Princess transports a wedding party to Alaska for the nuptials of the son of a wealthy heiress and the granddaughter of a fiercely independent oil man. The groom’s old friend does her best to ensure that the wedding never happens. The groom’s mother tries to hide the truth about her crumbling finances. Her estranged ex-husband shows up uninvited in the hopes of making amends with his son. He befriends Capt. Stubing. The best man tries to make a play for Julie; but she cannot stop thinking about her ex-flame Jack, who lives in Alaska. The bride’s grandfather and the groom’s wisecracking aunt take a liking to each other, but are reluctant to admit they are in love. Isaac becomes obsessed with learning trivia about Alaska. Gopher tries to hit on the bridesmaids.

Sep. 15, 1979

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