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مسلسل Unit One 2000 مترجم اونلاين: 2x5

Assistancemelding A-30/00

Local police overhears a shooting. A teenage girl comes running against them yelling “They’re gonna kill me, they’re gonna kill me!”. The female police officer finds the body of Irana and Fashad Adavi in the apartment of Osmand and Leyla Güre. The reason for the murder is believed to be a matter of honour according to Osmand as he explains that Fashad supposedly has raped Yasemin, the daughter of Osmand and Leyla. The son, Dennis, supposedly shoots Fashad as he refuses to marry Yasemin. In questioning, Dennis fails to reload the pistol and is therefore not the murderer. Yasemin then claims she shot the victims. In a gynaecological examination, Yasemin proves to be a virgin. As the gynaecologist talks with Dahl, Yasemin escapes and, according to her home room teacher, hides in a botanical facility. The teacher explains that Osmand has sexually abused his daughter anally for years. IP finds the girl in time, as her father is trying to kill her with a piece of glass. In questioning, Yasemin explains that Fashad found out about her father and tried to force through a wedding with Osmand, who then kills her.

مسلسل Unit One الموسم 2 الحلقة 5 مترجمة اونلاين
Apr. 08, 2001

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