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مسلسل Unit One 2000 مترجم اونلاين: 3x10

Assistancemelding A-15/01

Jette Møller is found murdered in a fish boutique in Vordingborg. Finn Møller, her husband, is taken into custody, but nothing is gaining out of his answers. Her phone is tapped and when a suspicious phone call remind Fischer and La Cour about Strangers on a Train, Møller is put under surveillance. He escapes when he sails from Vordingborg to an island. The following day, the body of Putte Bech Lorentzen is found in a sauna. Unit One suspects Larsen and arrest him. Through evidence found in the garden of Bech Lorentzen, Unit One arrests Bertram Bech Lorentzen, the husband of Putte, for the murder of Jette.

Mar. 03, 2002

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