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مسلسل Unit One 2000 مترجم اونلاين: 3x7

Assistancemelding A-9/01

Bertel Kjeldsen calls Dahl late at night to ask her to come to Fredensborg where he allegedly killed his own wife. In the meantime, the case of Britt Hjort Jespersen is brought up again as a poor autopsy of the body wasn’t satisfactory. DNA samples from a new autopsy show DNA from another man. Dahl tries hard to find Keldsen, who is standing at the edge of a tall building when Dahl finds him. He tells how he killed his wife and how his son, Knud Kjeldsen, killed Jespersen. Dahl arrests Knud. Knud lies under questioning, but the DNA samples show that Knud’s biological brother, Robin Hansen, who is mentally retarded, was the murderer. Knud tried to cover for his retarded brother to spare his family.

Feb. 10, 2002

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