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مسلسل Wallander 2005 مترجم اونلاين: 2x1

The Revenge

An explosion in one of Ystad’s power grids shuts down the electricity in the whole city. Wallander (Krister Henriksson), who is in the middle of a crayfish party at his newly bought house with his colleagues, are called in in the middle of the night. At the same time, the municipal commissioner of Ystad, who has just approved and inaugurated an exhibition showing pictures of Muhammed, the muslim prophet, at the city hall, is being murdered in his house. With less policemen than usual due to various reasons, Wallander and his men are having a hard time taking care of both cases. It gets even worse when several cars placed on various roads outside Ystad explodes, the security service (SäPo) are asking questions, and the police commisioner calles in the army to keep Ystad safe. As to make things even more complicated for Wallander’s crew, the minister of defence announces that she will come to Ystad to show her support. However, more people is being murdered as the movie plays along; an old woman working at the jobcentre and a nurse at the city hospital. Leads that in the beginning seemed to point to muslim fundamentalists are now pointing more and more against one of the army majors, who has been going on a killing spree as a revenge for the death of his son some years erlier, and the closure of Ystad’s regiment where he was working (Hämnden means The Revenge). When the Wallander-crew are starting to put two and two together, it may already be too late. The minister of defence has arrived to Ystad and is going to hold a speech at the city square, guarded by both the police, SäPo, and the army (the suspected major is standing on the stage when the minister is having her speech. When the speech ends, they raise their hands together in victory, and the major handcuffs the minister to his wrist, and reveals that he has a bomb planted on his chest. Wallander negotiates with the major, who agrees to let the minister go, and let Wallander take her place. The major and Wallander drives to the harbor where after some dialog Wallander is released and steps out of the car. The car that the major is sitting in is then hit from behind by another car, driven by the policeman who was on guard at the municipal commisioner the night he was killed, and pushed into the water, where the bomb goes off. The reason the major took the very drastic action with a bomb is explained by his medical condition; he had cancer, and wanted to get his revenge before he died. (From IMDB)

Jan. 09, 2009

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