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فيلم Rolls 2021 مترجم اونلاين

فيلم Rolls 2021 مترجم اونلاين

Jan. 06, 2022Russia
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فيلم Rolls 2021 مترجم اونلاين

قصة فيلم Rolls
Tanya Babanina from Protvino near Moscow bakes masterfully and dreams of her own cafe. But to fulfill a dream, they say, you need to get out of your comfort zone. And Tanya goes out on an international scale, finding crazy adventures on her rolls. One in Sri Lanka. Without money, documents and a husband who cheated on her immediately after the wedding. But with a hangover, in a winter coat and … under the same roof with three guys who are not at all happy with her.

فيلم Rolls 2021 مترجم اونلاين كامل بجودة عالية مشاهدة و تحميل مباشر اونلاين على موقع Aflami best – افلامي بست

العنوان الاصلي Булки

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